BruceDropEmOff unbanned on Twitch a month after indefinite suspension


After being indefinitely banned for “evading suspension” a month ago, BrueDropEmOff has officially been unbanned from Twitch and is free to stream on the platform.

BruceDropEmOff was only with OTK for a short time. He decided to take his leave with his reason being this: “The reason I left is because I didn’t want to be seen as the black person that was going to carry them to the triumph and hold the sword and take all the heat looking bad, I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

He’d go on to call out Mizkif, claiming that he had to block him and that he was being “weird as f***” about the circumstances surrounding Bruce’s departure.

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Now, a month after he got banned for “evading suspension” by streaming on his main Twitch account after getting banned on an alt, BruceDropEmOff has been unbanned from the platform.

BruceDropEmOff unbanned after a month off Twitch

Bruce has been mostly quiet after getting banned from Twitch. Other than a few tweets, his online presence has all but disappeared. That said, his fans have remained loyal and hopeful that he’d be able to return to the livestreaming platform.

He plugged his merch following his ban and managed to sell out his entire inventory in a matter of minutes, and he put out one tweet about how he misses his fans that garnered a massive amount of likes on Twitter.

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However, even with BruceDropEmOff getting unbanned, he has yet to give details on why Twitch decided to rescind his ban from the platform. He’s also yet to make his return to the platform officially.

With news of him being unbanned from the platform spreading, fans are waiting for Bruce to go live and give some updates on how, a month later, he’s managed to come back to Twitch.

When Bruce goes live for the first time on his newly reinstated Twitch account, we’ll update this to give some more details about the circumstances surrounding his unban.