Bradley Martyn fires back at Logan Paul with own fight offer amid drama

Connor Bennett
Bradley Martyn and Logan Paul side-by-side looking at cameras

Bradley Martyn has hit back at Logan Paul after the imPaulsive podcast host called him “lame” after saying he wants to see Jake Paul lose to Nate Diaz. 

When Jake Paul lost to Tommy Fury back in February, it seemed pretty nailed on that the pair would have a rematch this summer. A number of reputable sources even suggested that they were aiming to do it all again in July

Of course, that hasn’t been the case. With July coming to an end, Jake is set to fight Nate Diaz once the calendar turns over into August, and there have been plenty of Jake doubters who are getting behind Nate — one of those being Bradley Martyn. 

The YouTuber and fitness influencer threw his backing behind Nate after the former UFC star appeared on his podcast, saying he wants to see Jake lose. Though, that set things off between himself and Logan Paul, with the imPaulsive host calling him “lame” and offering to fight. 

Bradley Martyn hits back at Logan Paul with his own fight offer

After Logan blasted Bradley during the July 25 episode of imPaulsive, the fitness influencer took to Twitter to hit back at Jake’s brother – and he even laid out his own challenge for a fight.

“Logan Paul talking about clicks n views and I’m lame. This coming from the guy who filmed a dead body for views & all of a sudden I’m reaching for views? The same reason u even call me out is for the same purpose…VIEWS. In your own words…“To promote my fight coming up”. But when I did it in my content I’m lame?” Martyn tweeted.

“Also to defend your brother, you’re the guy who at every turn with KSl you don’t have his back and your own brother even feels as though you don’t.. & that’s from his own words, me wanting to see someone get memed and liking someone can both co-exist.”

The fitness influencer also urged Logan to come to his gym, but to leave the cameras at home as they settle the score. “Come to my gym no cameras no content..we can just fight in front of zoo culture,” he added.

Seeing as Logan is training for a fight – rumored to be against Dillon Danis – it’s unlikely they’ll actually clash in the build-up to that. Though, who knows what could happen after that.