Bold Glamour TikTok filter under fire for “messing with people’s body dysmorphia”

TikTok: @katherinemheigl, @shoelover99

TikTok content creators and certain celebrities are speaking out against the “Bold Glamour” filter which, according to them, promotes body dysmorphia and can lead to self-esteem issues.

When it comes to sprucing up a TikTok video or photo, many users utilize filters to help them stand out from the crowd. These filters can brighten up their scenery, add a background, or change how they look all together.

Most recently, the Bold Glamour filter – a filter that gives users the look that they’ve had a few minutes in the make-up chair – went viral across the app.

However, the filter has come under fire from several content creators and even mainstream celebrities, some of who claim it can mess with the user’s self-esteem and cause body dysmorphia.

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Shoelover99, also known as Ophelia, is a content creator with 11 million followers who spoke out about it in her TikTok video which garnered over 2 million views in just 2 days since being posted.

“I think filters like this mess with people’s body dysmorphia, their self-esteem, everything,” said Ophelia in her video. “I think filters like this push impressionable young girls that they need to look like this to be considered beautiful and that is so not the case.”

Backlash over the “Bold Glamour” TikTok filter

Several other content creators and celebrities have also spoken up about it.

Actress Katherine Heigl made a TikTok featuring the filter captioned: “Ummm … I hate this b**ch #boldglamourfilter is not for me,” the video itself featured Katherine staring at her herself in disbelief with the filter applied.

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Kelly Strack, a popular makeup content creator, made a TikTok showing herself with and without the filter after waking up in the morning.

“I just woke up, this is not what I look like right now, this filter should be illegal. Here’s the real me, oh my gosh,” said Kelly while switching the filter on and off.

Users have continued to use the filter despite the backlash.