Best YouTuber diss tracks of all time: PewDiePie, Jake Paul, more

Best YouTube Diss tracks of all timeYouTube: Jake Paul, PewDiePie / Instagram: drdisrespect, GFUEL

YouTube’s history is rife with beef between some of the platform’s top creators, resulting in a score of timeless diss tracks. Here’s our list of the best of these viral songs.

YouTube just wouldn’t be YouTube without drama between some of its most popular content creators.

From the “rivalry” between PewDiePie and T-Series to the iconic boxing beef between KSI and Logan Paul, a fair few of these tiffs have gone on to become major milestones in the catalogues of internet history, thanks to the diss tracks they spawned.

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We’ve gathered a list of some of the best YouTuber diss tracks of all time, as well as an explanation of the beef that caused these songs to get produced in the first place.

pewdiepie bitch lasagna diss track t seriesYouTube: PewDiePie
From PewDiePie’s viral ‘Bitch Lasagna’ to Jake Paul’s ‘It’s Everyday Bro,’ there are a fair few timeless YouTube diss tracks to go around.

#8 Dr Disrespect — Fortnite is Forever

The two-time Blockbuster video games champ has made no bones about his feelings toward popular battle royale title Fortnite throughout his career.

While the Doc has made a fair few bangers of his own, one of his fans created a catchy diss track against Fortnite using clips from Doc’s streams — and it’s safe to say that it went viral.

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Dr Disrespect even brought back the track for before jumping into game’s newly-released Chapter 3… although it’s unlikely he’ll play the game for long.

#7 RiceGum — I Didn’t Hit Her

In 2017, YouTuber Gabbie Hanna accused fellow creator Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le of hitting her after she challenged him to a rap battle at a party.

While Le denied any claims of assault, he did admit to “snatching” her phone, which Hannah said had been shattered as a result of the scuffle.

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RiceGum later uploaded a diss track against Hanna as a result of the incident, notably titled “I Didn’t Hit Her.” (Oh hi, Mark.)

#6 Logan Paul — The Fall of Jake Paul

Before their recent boxing endeavors, Jake and Logan Paul weren’t the close brothers we know and love today. In fact, the two were once rivals, and even dropped a few diss tracks against each other.

The Fall of Jake Paul is a notable entry in this beef, and has racked up over 277 million views since its release in 2017.

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#5 KSI — On Point

KSI’s notable diss track against Logan Paul before their initial August 2018 boxing match is a classic in the annals of YouTube diss tracks — mostly for the music video’s hilarious skits (and its unnerving mockery of the Paul bros’ mom, Pamela).

KSI’s diss track pulls no punches against the opposition… possibly predicting his eventual win in their November 2019 rematch.

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#4 Alissa Violet & RiceGum — It’s Every Night Sis

In retaliation to Jake Paul’s ‘It’s Everyday Bro,’ ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet dropped this diss track against the former Bizaardvark star alongside fellow influencer RiceGum.

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Together, the two Clout House creators managed to rack up 194 million views with their music video amid Violet’s dramatic breakup from Paul (and her ex-bestie, Erika Costell, subsequently dating him).

#3 Jake Paul — It’s Everyday Bro

“It’s every day bro, with that Disney Channel flow,” has become a mantra of the Paul household.

Although not necessarily a diss track against any one creator in particular, Paul’s “It’s Everyday Bro” is essentially a diss toward all his haters… but Jake does name-drop RiceGum and PewDiePie as rivals during the song.

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Prior to YouTube hiding dislike counts, Paul’s song was the 17th most-disliked video on the platform. Considering his current boxing success, it doesn’t look like this fazed him, whatsoever.

#2 PewDiePie — Coco

Some time after PewDiePie’s viral rivalry with T-Series shook up the internet, the king of YouTube found himself in a subscriber race with another unexpected contender… popular children’s channel ‘Cocomelon.’

PewDiePie’s diss track against the kid’s channel went viral, but was quickly taken down by YouTube for violating guidelines over child safety.

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Despite this, the song remains one of YouTube’s most iconic diss tracks of all time and can still be found on YouTube (although not from its original source).

#1 PewDiePie — Bitch Lasagna

PewDiePie’s long-running rivalry against Indian music label T-Series still stands as one of the biggest moments in YouTube history.

Long-hailed as YouTube’s most subscribed creator, Pewds found himself slipping when T-Series started to rack up subscribers by the millions, as more and more Indian communities received internet services and signed up for YouTube accounts.

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As a result of this “beef,” PewDiePie created a diss track against the company called “Bitch Lasagna” — a tune that quickly became the anthem of the internet.

The diss track boasts 298 million views at the time of writing and stands as a testament to the all-out war that happened on YouTube three years ago, which reigned in creators and fans all across the world in an effort to see PewDiePie emerge victorious.

Although T-Series got into a legal feud with PewDiePie over this diss track (along with honorable mention ‘Congratulations’), his songs remain on the platform. T-Series may have won the battle, but it’s clear that PewDiePie won the war.

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