KSI Believes He Should Have Been Given the Win in KSI vs Logan Paul Boxing Match

Calum Patterson

YouTuber KSI may have tied with his opponent Logan in the ring on Saturday, August 25, but he has joined the many online in saying that he feels he deserved to win the bout.

The judges’ decision saw both fighters have their gloves lifted at the end of the fight, but many watching at Manchester Arena and millions watching online, felt KSI was in control for most of the fight.

Despite admitting he had a ‘slow start’, KSI says after the opening two rounds it was all him, and if it had gone any longer it would have been an assured victory.

In fact, he suggested that if it was a 12 round fight, like a professional match, then Logan would have lost for sure.


This is only KSI’s opinion of course, and Logan Paul fans may see it another way. Logan certainly started the stronger of the two, but there is no denying he could not keep it up as the fight went on.

KSI was maybe more reserved in the early rounds, which was likely the better tactical move, by storing some of his energy, but with only a six round fight, he really had to make it count.

A lot of other high-profile names were in agreement with KSI, that if anyone deserved to win the fight, it was him.


Logan hasn’t yet given his verdict on whether a draw was fair, but is expected to do so soon, most likely in his next YouTube video.

The rematch is set for sometime in February 2019, and if KSI really thinks he was the better fighter he will be confident going in.

We doubt it will be 12 round rematch however, judging from the fighters fitness levels from the first event.