Dr Disrespect brings back “Fortnite is Forever” song for Chapter 3 return

dr disrespect fortnite is forever music video

Dr Disrespect celebrated his return to Fortnite during Chapter 3 with his iconic “Fortnite is Forever” music video.

Dr Disrespect is a man of many titles. The Doc, The Two-Time, The Back to back 1993-1994 blockbuster video game champion; just to name a few. And most recently, he’s acquired the title of a musician.

Soon after he was banned from Twitch, he began releasing original music videos. Tracks such as Alleyways, Red Skies, and Eclipse featured his iconic synthwave instrumentals and emotional lyrics.

However, some of the most iconic Doc songs are made by his fans. These include Gillette (The Best A Man Can Get) and Fortnite is Forever.

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Fortnite is Forever music video returns

dr disrespect returns to fortniteDr Disrespect (YouTube)
Dr Disrespect returns to Fortnite for the first time in over a year to check out Chapter 3

The Doc returned to Fortnite for the first time in over a year. Missing more than half of Chapter 2, he and CourageJD looked to slay out in Fortnite Chapter 3. And to commemorate his comeback, he reminded his viewers of a long-forgotten music video.

Before dropping into his first round of Chapter 3, Dr Disrespect shared one of his fan-made music videos from over two years ago. The music video is titled “Fortnite is Forever” and it was made by the now-retired SLICK DADDY CLIPS YouTube Channel.

Despite being a song that’s meant to make fun of younger Fortnite players, it’s a surprisingly good track. It’s more upbeat than the moodier synth tracks fans are used to, but the edited vocals and catchy rhythm make it hard not to jam along.

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He showcases the video around the 47-minute mark of the video below.

Fortnite may be forever, but Doc’s return is likely to be short-lived. During his stream with CourageJD, both streamers would often reference the reasons they inevitably leave the game.

According to the streamer, Fortnite’s building doesn’t allow him to play the way he wants. He would rather run up to someone and use a shotgun, but building prevents him from playing aggressively.

For more Dr Disrespect, check out why The Doc is ready to uninstall Warzone Pacific and stay tuned for more news.

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