RiceGum opens up on alleged assault against YouTuber Gabbie Hanna

Logan Paul, Gabbie Hanna - YouTube

Popular YouTuber Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le appeared in an episode of Logan Paul’s ‘imPaulsive’ podcast on January 5, where he spoke out on allegations of assaulting social media star Gabbie Hanna at a party in March of 2017.

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According to SnapChats from Hanna during the time of the incident, RiceGum had struck her in the middle of a party and shattered her phone. While RiceGum later refuted these claims, he went on to speak about the situation on Paul’s podcast over a year later, where he described the incident in detail from his perspective.

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“I’m sitting on the couch chilling, and she deadass comes up to me recording, talking shit,” RiceGum said of the situation. “Halfway through that video, she has her phone like this and looked mad weak, I said whoosh, snatched that shit, snatched that shit quick as hell, and then I did that,” he continued, mimicking pulling the phone out of Hanna’s hand.

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RiceGum went on to clarify that he never hit Hanna, and speculated that she may have been drunk at the time of the scuffle.

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“Yeah, no, I didn’t hit her,” he stated.

RiceGum’s claims were corroborated by YouTuber Romeo Lacoste, who claimed that Le had even sent Hanna $2,000 to pay for the phone.

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Snapchats from Hanna show her challenging RiceGum to a rap battle at the party, with RiceGum looking visibly unenthused. Hanna later showed what appeared to be a bruise on her left knee, going on to claim that RiceGum had damaged her phone’s back camera and shattered the screen.

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Hanna has yet to respond to RiceGum’s latest statement on the scandal.

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