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Jacob Hale
The four best YouTubers of 2019

YouTubers captured the attention of the mainstream this year, whether they were taking part in pay-per-view boxing matches, filming with celebrities, or just playing games. So many well-known superstars enjoyed a great 12 months, but only four personalities could be nominated for the best YouTuber of 2019 in the Dexerto Awards

Yep, it was another monumental year for YouTube, with the platform’s most popular personalities making headlines. KSI‘s second bout with Logan Paul was covered as if it were an Anthony Joshua fight by the sports media, PewDiePie reached over 100m subscribers, and many more content creators entertained millions with their videos.

So, who is the best YouTuber of 2019? Check out the nominations below and vote for your favorite.

David Dobrik

Instagram: @daviddobrikDobrik began as a Vine star but has since risen to YouTube superstardom.

David Dobrik has enjoyed a meteoric rise in 2019, as his crazy antics with the Vlog Squad – a group of young adults who capture their daily lives – have made him a YouTube star.

In 2019 Dobrik married (and subsequently divorced) one of his best friends’ elderly mother, filmed with celebrities, including Kylie Jenner, and bought his mates too many cars to count.

With each of his videos running at a length of four minutes and 20 seconds, Dobrik keeps it short and sweet, but he provides more than enough entertaining content for his viewers.


The Mayweather Channel/YouTube

KSI has just had what is probably his biggest year yet, almost solely due to THAT fight with fellow YouTuber Logan Paul.

After a draw in their first boxing match in August 2018, KSI managed to win the rematch in Los Angeles to become the undisputed king of YouTube boxing. In the same week, he released a new song and music video featuring hip-hop heavyweights Lil Baby and Rick Ross, which reached the top 10 in the UK charts.

Content-wise, he has helped The Sidemen channel grow exponentially and consistently garnered views through his other music and boxing uploads.


PewDiePie, Twitter / Tubefilter

PewDiePie is undoubtedly the king of YouTube, reaching in excess of 100 million subscribers in 2019 – over double that of the second most-subscribed individual YouTuber.

Despite taking a loss in his race to 100 million with Indian company T-Series, PewDiePie proved during the campaign that he is one of the most powerful personalities on the platform.

Reaching that milestone is PewDiePie’s biggest achievement of the year, but he has also continued to make the same great gaming content that has entertained fans for years – his first proper Minecraft series helped to spark a renaissance for the title eight years after its release.


MrBeast, YouTube

MrBeast has made many people incredibly happy in 2019, as he gave away loads of money and undertook ridiculous challenges.

The 21-year-old has been perhaps the most generous YouTuber of the year, giving hundreds of thousands, if not millions, to his friends, strangers and those in need throughout 2019.

He also goes beyond to entertain his fans. Among his most popular videos in 2019 was one in which he went back to sixth grade for a day to surprise pro Fortnite player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney with a real-life battle bus. Unbelievable!

Which of these four YouTube superstars has enjoyed the best 2019? Vote for your favorite in our Twitter poll.

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