Best celebrities on TikTok you need to follow: Lizzo, Frankie Jonas & more

Published: 13/Jan/2021 18:24

by Alice Hearing


Ever since TikTok became the world’s fastest-growing app, mainstream celebrities have been flocking to the platform to try and jump on the bandwagon.

Some have failed to understand TikTok etiquette, or only post clips from their shows or music videos. Some early adopters started off well, but quickly lost their momentum.

Others, however, have impressively picked up on the niche references and trends that have become popular on the app, and have grown their accounts hugely as a result, almost rivaling the stars native to the platform.

So, who are the celebrities who have hit the ground running on TikTok?

Avan Jogia

@avan.jogiaNot bizzare…♬ How Bizarre – OMC

Known for his role as Beck on Nickelodeon’s Victorious, Avan Jogia was already well-known among much of the app’s clientele, but he’s proved that he’s more than just a heartthrob from a kid’s tv show. Avan regularly has witty interactions with fans in the comments, uses popular sounds like “How Bizarre,” and participates in popular trends, like using text-to-speech. His most popular TikTok to date has had more than 26 million views and he has 2.7 million followers.

Frankie Jonas

@iamfrankiejonas##introducingme ##extistentialdread ##howamigomnapayforcollege ##onlyfanshereicome ##onlyfansat50million ##illdoskatplay ##WrappingGifts ##doggypaddle ##garsh♬ original sound – deedeesaidso

Otherwise known as the “Bonus Jonas,” Frankie blew up on TikTok after starting his account in October and now has more than 1.8 million followers and a total of 35.2 million likes on his account. One viral video of his, using the green screen effect, showed him admiring his fans for going into Nick Jonas’s TikTok and typing comments such as, “Omg you’re Frankie Jonas’ brother!”

Of course, he was ecstatic to finally be in the spotlight after years of blending into the background as a Jonas brother, but not a band member. Even Nick Jonas himself hilariously duetted it, filming himself on the phone saying “Yeah, Kevin, Joe, forget what I said about letting Frankie in the band.”

Charlie Puth

@charlieputhThis all happened because of Tik Tok. Everyone go stream Upside Down by @jvke featuring myself 😉 hi @bellapoarch♬ All TikTok Mashup (JVKE – Upside Down) – JVKE 🌩

Singer and musician Charlie Puth has racked up a huge 8.8 million followers by giving fans an insight into his music-making process, almost always resulting in ironic comments saying something like, “Wow this is great, you should really think about getting into music.” Alongside that, he frequently uses popular sounds and stitches his own witty additions to viral videos.

Rebecca Black

@msrebeccablack##greenscreen♬ Aesthetic Girl – Yusei

The teeny-bop singer/songwriter responsible for “Friday” has amassed almost 700,000 followers since joining TikTok in January 2020 and immediately drove engagement by making fun of her past and understanding popular trends, establishing herself as a creator rather than a former child star. In her second-ever post, she made fun of how often people ask her “What day is it?”, and in another video, she performed a ukulele version of the iconic hit single.


@lizzoLookin good from every angle 🤷🏾‍♀️♬ bodies that look like this also look like this – skinner 🌙

Singer Lizzo has a massive 12 million followers for her frequent duetting of fans, comedic lipsyncing, twerking, and body positivity videos. Her page is immediately on-brand too, with her bio quoting her iconic song lyric, “100% that b***h.” Lizzo has consistently taken part in trends as they happen. Her biggest video to date has 35 million views.

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xQc hits back at claims he only plays Rust for the viewers

Published: 16/Jan/2021 11:30

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel hit back at claims that the Rust phase on his stream is over, and that he only plays the multiplayer survival game for a hearty boost in viewers.

In the last few weeks, Twitch has been dominated by streamers either roleplaying or PVP’ing in Rust. The multiplayer game, which has been around since 2013, has even eclipsed 1.5 million total viewers at certain points, mainly in part thanks to the OfflineTV servers. 

Former Overwatch pro xQc has, alongside Shroud, dominated the viewer totals for Rust, and can regularly be found at the top of the charts whenever he is playing the Facepunch Studios title.

However, during his January 15 stream, the Luminosity Gaming streamer decided against playing Rust for the first time in a few days, leading some cynical fans to ask if the Rust phase on Twitch had come to an end. 

xQc has been at the heart of nearly every slice of Rust drama since December.
Twitch: xQc
xQc has been at the heart of nearly every slice of Rust drama since December.

When he was accused, himself of giving up on the Rust ‘hype’, seeing as he wasn’t playing, xQc quickly jibed back that, at the end of the day, he is a variety streamer and can play whatever he wants. 

“Rust hype is over? Nah, I’m just chilling dude,” xQc responded after a few messages joked about him coming to the end with the multiplayer survival game. 

“I’m just playing whatever game. I don’t know why you laugh that a phase would be over. Like, who cares about a phase or hype? I play games whenever they feel good to me and I’m enjoying them.”

He kicked things up a notch though a few moments later, pointing out that he was playing Rust before the game exploded on Twitch. “I played Rust, literally, like three days before the Rust phase even begun. I talked about making a server before any of this even happened,” xQc added.

“People said, oh you’re playing Rust for the viewers, and even when there was less before, I still played it, so then what? What’s your argument?”

It’s not like his last Rust stream came to a catastrophic end, and saw the Candian delete the game from his PC either. He simply jumped off in favor of playing Balloons Tower Defense to end the stream in a chill manner.

He’ll likely return to Rust whenever he is in the mood to do so, and not because some viewers are imploring him to jump back on the RP hype train.