Frankie Jonas tattoos Tana Mongeau’s name on leg in viral TikTok

Frankie Jonas Tana MongeauInstagram: franklinjonas / Instagram: Tana Mongeau

The fourth Jonas brother, Frankie, has got Tana Mongeau’s name tattooed on his leg in a bizarre turn of events on TikTok.

In recent weeks, Frankie Jonas, otherwise known as “Bonus Jonas” has blown up on TikTok after only starting his account in October and now has more than 1.6 million followers and a total of 27.3 million likes on his account.

One viral video of his using the green screen effect showed him admiring his fans for going into Nick Jonas’s TikTok and typing comments such as “Omg you’re Frankie Jonas’ brother!” Of course, he was ecstatic to finally be in the spotlight after years of blending into the background as a Jonas brother, but not a band member.

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Even Nick Jonas himself hilariously duetted it, filming himself on the phone saying “Yeah, Kevin, Joe, forget what I said about letting Frankie in the band.”

Frankie JonasInstagram: FranklinJonas
Frankie Jonas has blown up on TikTok in the last few weeks

Now Frankie has the attention of Internet star Tana Mongeau. In one video Tana showed off their messages to each other with Tana requesting to be an honorary Jonas sister and Frankie agreeing.

Then on December 27, in a TikTok where Frankie spoke about his Tattoos, Tana commented “Please get my name now that I am a Jonas.” To her surprise, Frankie actually did it.

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Frankie posted only one day later saying, “I wanted to do something that will help me stay grounded and remind me of the fans. So tanamongeaulol… this one is for you, I hope it grows your account.” He then tattooed “@Tana” on the top of his left thigh.

Tana was stunned, reacting in tears of laughter with her hand over her mouth. Frankie responded “I really just wanted to give back and say thank you to my loyal fans,” to which Tana said, “You’re so nice to the fans/smaller creators. Me, Kevin, Nick, and Joe are so grateful for all the charity you’ve shown us as your Jonas siblings.”

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This unexpected and strange collaboration with Tana will only cement Frankie Jonas’ status as a TikTok star, over and above his status as simply a “Bonus Jonas” as his popularity online continues to soar.

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