Bella Poarch speaks out as hate leaves Lizzo crying after ‘Rumors’ video comments

Bella Poarch Lizzo Cardi B RumorsInstagram: Lizzo, Bella Poarch

TikToker and singer Bella Poarch took to Twitter to defend Lizzo and show her support after the latter faced racist comments and criticism of her weight. Other celebrities from Niall Horan, Chloe Bailey to Cardi B, who features on Lizzo’s new song, also hit back at haters.

Lizzo released her first song in two years on Friday 13 titled ‘Rumors’ and featured hit rapper Cardi B. The music video included references to Greek Mythology and is already proving to be a hit.

However, after negative comments, which Cardi B described as “mean and racist as f**k”, Lizzo broke down crying on a Live. The singer talked about how she was struggling to dismiss the comments, particularly about her weight. Lizzo has often expressed body positivity through her TikToks and music.

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Since then, celebrities have come forward in support. This has included Poarch who went to Twitter to express support for Lizzo as a fellow musician in the public eye.

Lizzo Rumors music videoYouTube, Lizzo
Lizzo’s music video for ‘Rumors’ featuring Cardi B already has over 10 million views.

Poarch describes Lizzo as a role model

Poarch said it was “sad to see society and the internet come together to try and take down people, especially such positive leaders and role models.”

The singer went onto say, “this is the part that jades me about the world. We’ll never appreciate greatness until it’s gone.”

Poarch also liked one of Lizzo’s tweets which said “f**k the haters. We rise.” Plenty of other celebrities have also shown support for Lizzo after the backlash.

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Niall Horan could be seen commenting in the Live that Lizzo was “a queen” and sent loads of heart emojis. Chloe Bailey, a singer in girl duo Chloe x Hall, said she was “proud of [Lizzo]” and “people are gonna talk, but you have power in your voice. thank you for inspiring me.”

Cardi B, who features on the song, also criticized those who were coming for Lizzo, tweeting “Remember these are the nerds looking at the popular table.”

Cardi went onto say in another tweet, “Rumors is doing great. Stop trying to say the song is flopping to dismiss a woman’s emotions on bullying or acting like they need sympathy.” The song is currently at number 4 on the US Itunes Chart on Monday 16.

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The video on YouTube already has over 10 million views.