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What is ‘Bamarush’ on TikTok? Wild Alabama sorority try-outs go viral

Published: 15/Aug/2021 17:57

by Hannah Van-de-Peer


The University of Alabama’s ‘Bamarush’ blew up on TikTok as hundreds of sorority girls made their try-out videos public. The posts have since been playfully spoofed by several users who claim to “love” the “drama.”

Sororities have long been satirized on social (and mainstream) media from ‘Scream Queens’ to ‘Monster’s University’ and beyond! One particular sisterhood exploded onto TikTok, as viewers made fun of their “main character” style videos.

TikToker (and budding sorority girl) Makayla Culpepper (@whatwouldjimmybuffetdo) posted her try-out on August 9. In the video, Makayla showed off her “outfit of the day” for the “philanthropy round.” The post amassed over 1 million views, with many followers pointing out her “cute” Southern accent.


Since then, TikTok users such as Reese Grau (@reeseboo11) have been showing off their fashion skills in order to get a glimpse into sorority life.

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Fans are invested in the drama

The Bamarush trend has caused plenty of in-fighting between the girls. Makayla recently revealed she’d been “dropped by every sorority” after TikTok administered a “post-ban” on her account. Another TikTok user called for members of BamaTok to remember the YouTubers who came before them.

Viewers are engulfed in the ever-increasing drama arising from this small-time sorority group. Makayla’s fans have swiftly jumped to her defense over the “dropped” claims.


“So are we canceling sororities now,” one follower said. “I feel like someone set her up,” wrote another.

TikTok bamarush makayla
Instagram: makaylaculpepper
Makayla was allegedly “dropped by every sorority” and it currently on a “post ban”

The sorority girls have been spoofed

TikTok user @thisisnotiz posted a video gently mocking the trend. In the post (which has been viewed over 200,000 times), she showed off her hungover #OOTD. Her “outfit” included “no shoes because my feet are covered in blisters,” her “curled hair that is now sticky from sweat” and “the mascara that I cried off.”

User Tori Konchel (@torikonchel) created a “choose your character” parody starring the sisters. Fans could choose between Makayla, Emma Lou (@dollypartonwannabe02) and Hannah Dubberly (@hannahdubb).

If you’re brave enough to start following the trend, each video can be found under the ‘Bamarush’ hashtag!