Behzinga’s viral Tweet to Alissa Violet finally gets him noticed

. 3 years ago
L: Behzinga - Twitter R: Alissa Violet - Instagram

Member of the Sidemen, Ethan ‘Behzinga’ Payne shot his final shot of the year and finally got that Twitter follow from Alissa Violet.

People do a lot to get noticed by celebrities on Twitter and it appears Behzinga’s work has finally paid off.

After countless attempts of trying to get Violet’s attention, he finally did so on December 30, just before the start of the new year.

Banks - Instagram
Violet is coming off a public breakup with FaZe Banks.

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Violet tweeted a question asking if it was possible to Postmates a boyfriend, which is when Behzinga saw his opening.

The Sidemen member quoted it with a bunch of screenshots from Google searches like “can i put myself on post mates” and “how to sell myself as food” just to name a couple of them.

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As with any post like this, many of the replies are filled with wingmen thanking him for helping them out.

“Ayy Ethan,” said one user. “Thanks for letting me use your Limo to drive my date to the airport so we could use your private jet to fly to your private island for Christmas! You the real MVP boss!”

Of course, they were far from the only one with off-the-wall stories such as that.

In fact, some of these stories can date back quite a while, which means he has remained consistent in his attempts.

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As it turns out, it looks like all of this hard work has finally paid off as some eagle-eyed Twitter users have spotted that Violet does indeed follow Behzinga now.

She only follows 485 people on Twitter so it didn’t really take any time to confirm if that was actually true.


Mission accomplished.

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For every success story like this, there’s also a lot of failures so shooting your shot like this might not always be in your best interest.

If there’s anything we learned from this story, it’s that sometimes persistence like this can pay off. On the other hand, it could also end up getting you blocked so that’s something you’ll have to be prepared for as well.

The key is to find a safe middle ground between being too much of a pest and being funny. Let Behzinga be a shining example of that and perhaps you will be able to find yourself in a similar spot.

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