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Pokimane explains herself after appearing to ‘flip off’ Twitch donator

Published: 30/Dec/2019 12:45

by Connor Bennett


Popular streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys suffered some terrible timing when it looked like she was flipping off a donation from a Twitch viewer, only to explain why that wasn’t the case.

When it comes to female streamers on Twitch, there is no bigger name than Pokimane. The Canadian has cultivated a huge fan base since kicking off her streaming career back in late 2013, amassing over 3.6 million followers on the livestreaming platform.

Tens of thousands of fans tune in to watch her daily broadcasts – be it her reacting to videos and just chatting with viewers, or playing something like Fortnite, League of Legends, or even Teamfight Tactics. Typically, though, she can get some weird and hilarious donations, but a recent one caught the attention as it looked like she was flipping off the generous fan.


Instagram: @pokimanelolPokimane cemented her spot as the top female streamer on Twitch in 2019.

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During her December 29 stream, Pokimane had been trying her hand at the infuriating, yet popular game Jump King, when she became stuck on a section and found herself slipping back down after a poor jump.

As she did so and she raged at the fall – flipping the game off with her middle finger – the streamer received a donation that stated: “You remind me of my ex so I have to unfollow sorry.”

Some fans were quickly puzzled, wondering if she’d been rude to the donator in question, but Poki quickly explained it was a completely misfortunate piece of timing.


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“That wasn’t to you, that was to the cliff sorry,” she said, addressing her viewers while still being locked in on trying to get back to the position she had just fallen from in-game. 

“But, it’s fine. Honestly, I look like everyone’s ex so, whatever,” Poki added while her chat began laughing at the timing of the whole exchange as well as her failure to complete the jumps.

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Of course, it wasn’t like the donation message in question was being wholly serious to begin with, making a jokey comment about needing to unfollow her channel. 


Though, it does show that Twitch’s ability to deliver highlight moments is unrivaled – even if it was all a big misunderstanding in the end.