Aussie streamer beats Ludwig, PiG’s Twitch subathons with new 840-hour record

Brad Norton
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Australian streamer ‘PandaTV’ has smashed the Twitch subathon time record, eclipsing the likes of PiG and platform superstar Ludwig on his way to a historic 840-hour broadcast — one that’s not done just yet either.

Twitch history has been made once again. After Ludwig’s ambitious 31-day subathon was bested by a 726-hour subathon from PiG in June, PandaTV has now raised the bar even higher with an 840-hour subathon.

The popular World of Warcraft streamer has been live for 35 days, at the time of writing. From playing games to sleeping on stream and hosting talk shows, PandaTV has kept the broadcast alive to soar ahead of the previous records.

The streamer has kept the subathon going for five weeks now, and has hit a peak of 12k concurrent Twitch subscribers during the record run.

“We just hit 840 hours live,” PandaTV shared in a July 6 update on Twitter. “For the rates that we’re doing, this is the longest subathon now on Twitch.”

With time still remaining on the subathon countdown, he joked that every extra hour is just keeping him in “Twitch prison. I want this to end but I don’t know if it’s going to. Come and watch, but leave me alone… you know what I mean.”

After seeing fellow Aussie streamer PiG set his own Twitch record, PandaTV told Dexerto he was “inspired to give it a shot.”

“I’ve been really stubborn over the last nine years streaming full time of not ‘promoting myself enough’ or ‘selling out’ as Twitch chat says. So I said to myself for this subathon, I’ll really try to push it as much as I can.”

When he originally went live for the subathon on June 1, PandaTV “thought it would maybe go a week,” he joked on July 6. “We kept creeping closer and closer to PiG’s 34 days and I was like… wait we can do this.”

Ludwig Twitch stream subathon finally ends after 30 days.
Ludwig’s 31-day Twitch stream now stands as the third-longest subathon behind PiG and PandaTV.

As for the motivation to keep it going, PandaTV explained how his numerous sub goals have been a “highlight” along the way.

From playing various new games to merch giveaways and eating durians, he’s had unique goals set out from the very beginning, with more added as the subathon kept on rolling.

“A lot of the goals have been insane and super fun with the community,” he added.

With stretch goals already in mind for future subcounts, it appears there’s no slowing down anytime soon. In fact, PandaTV told Dexerto the stream will continue “until the timer runs out.”

Therefore, the record-breaking Twitch stream could still be live for some time yet. “We will ride this out as long as we can! I hope people have enjoyed it as much as I have. It feels like the Truman Show.”

Panda isn’t the only Twitch creator aiming for subathon glory either; hot on his heels is another Aussie star, popular Escape From Tarkov streamer Pestily, who is currently live with a long-running subathon of his own.

Pestily has claimed he has a clear 50 day end-goal in mind, so keep tuned on Dexerto; the record may change again soon!

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