Asmongold willing to boycott Streamlabs and "lose money" if OBS drama isn't resolved - Dexerto

Asmongold willing to boycott Streamlabs and “lose money” if OBS drama isn’t resolved

Published: 20/Nov/2021 20:13 Updated: 21/Nov/2021 15:03

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star Asmongold said that he is willing to “lose money” and stop using Streamlabs for his broadcasts on his main channel, and explained why he would AQend his partnership with the software company.

On November 18, Twitch star Imane ‘Pokiemane’ Anys publicly criticized Streamlabs for allegedly using the name of OBS Studio, an open-source and free program, against their wishes, as well as allegedly copying their competitor’s work.

The next day, the streamer cut ties with the company after claiming the company was using images of her without her permission.

Now, Asmongold has chimed in about the situation and offered his perspective on the allegations against the company.


asmongold-is-taking-another-twich-break-after-saving-his-mother-from-oxygen-tank-fire Asmongold has made a return to Twitch after a brief hiatus.

Asmongold on Streamlabs

Asmon was streaming on his secondary Twitch channel, zachrawrr, when he touched on his feelings about Streamlabs.

The streamer said, “The fact is that Streamlabs certainly is not a clown show, it seems to be the whole circus. There’s more and more bad things coming out about stream labs, people are mad that Pokimane and Hasan are criticizing it while simultaneously using it. I’ll tell you why, it’s probably because they have a partnership with the website.”

He carried on, “How do I know” That’s because I have one too. Probably not for very long after this goes on YouTube if it ever does.”


Asmongold then delved into if he would continue to use the service on Twitch.

He said, “Whenever I come back on my main channel if I don’t feel like the company has done what I want them to do, which is unlikely, I’m just gonna stop using them. That’s all there is to it. It is what it is. We’ll see what happens, but there it is. I’ll lose money by doing it, but it’s whatever.”

He ended by saying that he makes more money from sponsored streams than his partnership with the company, so it’s a loss he’d be willing to take if needed.