Pokimane to cut ties with Streamlabs after company uses images of her without permission

Dylan Horetski
pokimane with natural curly hairTwitch: Pokimane/Streamlabs

Just days after Pokimane slammed Streamlabs for allegedly copying work from competitors, she announced she’s had the company remove images of her from their website—some of which she claims were used without her permission. 

On November 16, Streamlabs launched a new Xbox streaming service that allows streamers all over the world to add overlays and other items to their streams. Shortly after their announcement, Lightstream, which has already provided a similar product, called them out on Twitter for copying their website.

As social media erupted with the news, Pokimane, who is affiliated with Streamlabs, posted on Twitter that if the company didn’t resolve the issues being brought to light, she would ask to have them remove her face from the platform.

On November 19, the Twitch streamer posted an update regarding the situation on her alternate Twitter account, stating that the company used some images of her without permission.

Pokimane is affiliated with Streamlabs but threatened to cut ties.

Pokimane gives Streamlabs update

While Streamlabs did post an update to their Twitter page stating that they would fix some of the issues, the internet deemed it not enough, mocking them for their copy and paste style apology.

As a result, Pokimane has is making efforts to distance herself from the company.  On Twitter, she explained that she requested that Streamlabs remove her image from the website, adding that they “removed 10+ images of me, some of which I never gave them permission to use.”

Pokimane also noted that when she made her original tweet about the situation, only two claims have surfaced, and since then, there have been numerous issues with the company raised online. However, she’s looking into the new claims and will be switching donation services.

The streamer mentioned that it will take some time to separate from the company, due to her alert systems and donation cap that she implemented earlier this year. The creator also made sure to put extra emphasis on the fact she is definitely switching platforms.

The OfflineTV co-founder added: “I do not condone their business practices and will not stand by them.”

Hours after Lightstream called the company out for copying their work, the creators of OBS Studio posted on Twitter claiming that Streamlabs reached out to them to use the OBS name and were asked not to.

Streamlabs purportedly went on to use the name in spite of this, allegedly filing a trademark to project themselves. Since then, various big-name streamers have spoken out about the situation.

In their apology, the company stated they will remove “OBS” from their name. We’ll have to wait to see what the rebrand looks like.