Asmongold slams Blizzard over “upsetting” employee breast milk stealing allegations

asmongold-activision-blizzardActivision Blizzard / Twitch: Asmongold

Asmongold slammed Activision Blizzard after reading reports from employees claiming their breast milk kept getting stolen, stating it was “upsetting” and “uncomfortable” to read.

Asmongold has been vocal about all the allegations against Activision Blizzard since they first came to light in July 2021. He described the company’s culture and response as “shameful”, and supported the employee walkout that happened in November.

But just when he thought he’d heard it all, he read reports from Activision Blizzard employees claiming their breast milk was being stolen. He talked about it in a YouTube video on December 12 and described it as “upsetting.”

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activision blizzard wow orc statueBlizzard Entertainment
More reports about alleged misconduct towards employees at Activision Blizzard have surfaced.

“I can’t even read this,” said Asmon in disbelief. “It’s so ridiculous. I don’t want to see this. This is so upsetting to me. There are some individuals that work at this company that make me feel uncomfortable.”

He explained that making him feel uncomfortable is a hard thing to do because he’s developed a thick skin over the years. He claims that some people have tried to grab his genitals at conventions, and worse.

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“The fact is that this is a thousand times worse, and it’s not even happening to me,” he added. “Just saying it is so upsetting to me. It’s so upsetting.”

The breastmilk theft allegations surfaced days after an Activision Blizzard employee claimed she was demoted after reporting an instance of sexual harassment.

It’s added to the pressure mounting from shareholders and employees on the company to remove CEO Bobby Kotick.

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