Asmongold left stunned as Joe Rogan discovers Twitch’s hot tub meta

asmongold joe rganAsmongold/Joe Rogan

Twitch star Asmongold was left in hysterics while watching Joe Rogan discover who Amouranth is and Twitch’s hot tub meta that emerged on the platform back in 2021.

Asmongold has built a massive following on Twitch through both his World of Warcraft streams, as well as his countless hours dedicated to reaction content.

The 31-year-old broadcaster often reacts to loads of different kinds of content, ranging outside his gaming sphere to the realms of mainstream entertainment, politics, and other topics.

In a recent Twitch stream, he watched a clip from the massively popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience and was left completely stunned when Joe made a shocking revelation.

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Joe Rogan discovers Twitch’s hot tub meta

The UFC commentator had fighter and streamer Demetrious Johnson on his show, who explained to him a bit about the history of Twitch and why he ended up leaving the platform for YouTube.

Johnson brought up that Twitch’s hot tub meta exploded in popularity in mid-2021 and defined the platform for a while. Joe was puzzled by this.

“Hot-tub streams?” Joe asked.

Asmongold instantly paused the video and said, “Oh boy. Oh boy. How does Joe not know about this? How the fu*k does he not know?! He’s gotta be fu*king pretending.”

One user in the chat claimed that Joe could’ve just been high and not remembered, but Asmongold countered, “There’s plenty of people high every day and watch Amouranth. There’s nothing special about that.”

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The pair then pulled up a hot tub stream, and although they didn’t show whose channel it was, Asmon surmised it was likely Amouranth. and Joe in fact did not know of its existence or how quickly it gained popularity and plainly said, “I didn’t know that existed. Jesus Christ.”

Asmongold shouted, “This is so f*kin’ funny. Wow.”

Although Joe didn’t know who Amouranth was before this episode of his podcast, she might’ve quickly turned him into a fan.