Asmongold shocked after WoW Dragonflight devs deliver change to login screen he called for

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Twitch star Asmongold was stunned after discovering that WoW Dragonflight’s login screen was changed to include a recommendation he made directly to Blizzard Entertainment.

Asmongold has developed over the years into the leading World of Warcraft streamer on Twitch.

The 31-year-old has spent recent days gearing up, along with the rest of the game’s dedicated players, to play the next expansion Dragonflight which officially launches at the end of November.

Ahead of the launch, Asmon called for Blizzard to make a slight adjustment to the expansion’s new login menu, which now, much to his surprise, has actually been implemented.

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Asmongold stunned Blizzard made change to WoW he asked for

The OTK streamer was live on November 6 when he opened up WoW Dragonflight‘s new login screen.

For each WoW expansion, Blizzard delivers a new login menu featuring gorgeous artwork and epic music from the new expansion location. For Dragonflight, the login menu is quite grand with an enormous pillar emerging from the Dragon Isles.

However, Asmongold noticed that there actually weren’t any dragons to be seen on the screen, and claimed it would be quite cool if a dragon appeared in the foremost pillar.

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Upon logging in, Asmon noticed that the WoW devs had, in fact, added Alexstraza to the main menu in the exact location he called for a dragon to be placed.

“Wow. Look at that, boys. There it is. They got some smart people working over there at Blizzard.”

Asmongold was completely stunned and added a final “Wow.”

Whether the change was made directly to appease Asmongold isn’t clear, but it is certain that with a Twitch channel averaging tens of thousands of concurrent viewers, his word does carry weight.

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