Asmongold calls Twitch out for missing Kai Cenat’s sub milestone

Lawrence Scotti
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Twitch star Asmongold called out the platform for not honoring fellow streamer Kai Cenat’s achievement of hitting over 60,000 subs and becoming the second most subscribed channel on all of Twitch.

Asmongold has never held back when publicly criticizing Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch.

Most recently he hit out at the platform for his secondary channel being banned, which ended up only being a brief suspension.

Now, he’s calling out the platform once again, this time for what he believes is improper treatment of a fellow streamer.

Asmongold streaming on Twitch
Asmongold has over 3.3 million followers on the platform.

Asmongold slams Twitch over ignoring Kai Cenat milestone

On August 26, Kai Cenat became the second most subscribed channel on all of Twitch, hitting a whopping 60k subs.

Despite the very public achievement, Twitch was dead silent on the matter. Asmongold saw this as a slight to not only Kai, but the entire crew he came up with like Adin Ross and BruceDropEmOff.

He said, “Crazy how Twitch can’t find the time to publicly congratulate Kai Cenat for hitting 60k subs or even acknowledge anyone in that community at all (Bruce, Adin, YRG, etc.)”

Asmongolf finished, “Fastest growing community and if you only followed Twitch you wouldn’t even know they exist. Why?”

In response to Asmongold’s criticism, banned Twitch streamer JiDion praised the 31-year-old broadcaster for his comments.

He said, “Thank you for saying something, you have no idea how far this will go in helping black creators on Twitch.”

JiDion called Twitch “racist” after the platform banned a streamer for performing a sexual act while live for just one week, meanwhile, JiDion has been permabanned from the platform since January for an incident with Pokimane, whom he’s made amends with.

Despite Asmongold speaking out and a host of people echoing his sentiment, Twitch has still yet to congratulate Kai on his achievement.