Tanner Fox claims Tayler Holder & Gib hid huge weight difference that nearly stopped their fight

Georgina Smith
Tanner Fox, Tayler Holder, and AnEsonGib in images next to each other

YouTuber Tanner Fox has claimed that Tayler Holder & AnEsonGib hid their 35lb weight difference from the commission to prevent their TikTokers vs. YouTubers fight from being canceled, with Tanner’s own fight being called off for an 18lb difference.

Austin McBroom was the influencer to be crowned winner of the main headline fight with TikToker Bryce Hall, and while that was the fight many bought tickets to see, the undercard fights brought with them an unexpected amount of excitement and controversy.

On June 11, Ryland Storms reported via YouTube that Tanner Fox had pulled out of their fight at the last minute, though said he wasn’t sure why. Tanner went onto explain that the commission had told them the fight couldn’t happen because of the weight difference between the pair.

At the weigh-in, Ryland came in 6’0″ and 145 pounds, with Tanner measuring at 5’9″ and 127.2 pounds, putting about an 18lb difference between them.

Tanner tried desperately to get the fight to happen, but the commission ultimately concluded that their fight couldn’t go ahead.

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In an Instagram live stream on the evening of June 12, Tanner revealed that he and Ryland weren’t the only fighters in the competition with a big weight difference.

“They straight up said no. They’ll let me promote the fight, they’ll let me sell the fight, but they’re not gonna let me fight in the fight,” he explained. “Even though Tayler Holder and Gib are 35lb apart. 30lb, bro! 30lb! 35lb actually. But they were sneaky, and they hid it, so it got by. But since I didn’t know that’s how this whole game of boxing works, I didn’t put any weights in my pockets to be 135lb for the weigh-in.”

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Before the fight, Tayler revealed that he had doubts about Gib being able to bring his weight down enough for them to meet in the middle, he even admitted that they had hidden their true weights following their fight, which was controversially declared a draw. At the weigh-in on June 11, Tayler measured up at 6ft2″, 175.2lb, with Gib at 5ft9″, 179lb.

“There’s a lot of stuff that they don’t know behind the scenes but I fought through it, I mean there’s a significant weight difference that no one knows about,” he said.

It seems as though if the weight difference was as big as Tanner claimed, their fight may have also been canceled had they revealed their true measurements.

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