Julia Rose responds to Harry Jowsey cheating allegations

Alice Hearing. Last updated: Nov 09, 2020
Harry Jowsey and Julia Rose break up
YouTube: Impaulsive Clips/ Instagram: Harry Jowsey

Julia Rose has addressed allegations from Netflix star Harry Jowsey that she cheated on him with Jake Paul, explaining that she broke up with him because she saw “red-flags.” 

Harry Jowsey, who is known for the Netflix show Too Hot to Handle, accused Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend Julia Rose of being unfaithful to him last week in an interview with The Hollywood Fix.

He even admitted to wanting to fight Jake, adding that he thought Julia used him to get back with the YouTube star, saying “I’ll box the f*** out of him.”

Harry and Julia began dating in October, confirmed by several videos of the pair getting close in public. However, it seems that the relationship was short-lived after she was spotted in one of Jake Paul’s Instagram stories.

Jake paul julia rose kiss
Jake Paul, Instagram
YouTuber Jake Paul and Julia Rose officially began dating in March

In response to Harry’s accusations, Jake said, “I think he’s a little delusional….they weren’t dating, he thought that they were dating.”

Julia-Rose and Jake Paul became an official item in March, but the on-off couple seemed to split for good in May. Now it appears that they might be back together, with Harry left out in the cold.

The model and reality tv star addressed the situation in the latest episode of Logan Paul’s podcast Impaulsive. She explained that she and Jake broke up at the beginning of June and that Harry was the first person she had dated since.

She continued that after connecting on her podcast The Sh*t Show, he slid into her DMs and they went on a spontaneous trip to Malibu, but that she wasn’t looking for anything serious, and even denied proposing to him.

“He was very wanting love…and I felt like you know those people that if they’re looking for a relationship through anything it was like they’ll take any kind of relationship that they can get. It was super super fast and a lot of different red flags came up.

“He would always bring up ‘my ex when we first started dating made me block you like I wasn’t allowed to follow you’ and it was almost a flex type thing of almost like he was flexing a new Rolex…I kind of said I felt he was dating me for the wrong reasons.”

She also added that she felt that Harry was overreacting as they dated for only a week.

Despite the dramatic breakup over a week-long fling, there is no confirmation as to whether Jake Paul and Julia Rose are officially back on again.