Are Chris Romero and Madi Monroe back together? Duo address rumors

Chris Romero and Madi MonroeInstagram: Madi Monroe

Chris Romero and Madi Monroe were once one of the most popular ships in the TikTok scene. However, they split up just as things were heating up. While they’ve been hanging out together more recently, leading to rumors, they’ve cleared the air.

Chris Romero and Madi Monroe were one of TikTok’s cutest couples. They met in 2019, instantly hit it off, and were together for over a year.

The duo share a huge fanbase, with Madi boasting over 12 million followers on TikTok, while Chris has over 5 million. That’s not including their millions of fans combined on Instagram and other sites.

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Madi Monroe and Chris Romero kissingInstagram: Chris Romero
Madi Monroe and Chris Romero were together for over a year before splitting in October 2020.

The two were very much committed to each other, with Chris even celebrating their anniversary by getting a tattoo of Madi’s name on his lip.

By October 2020 though, the duo had reportedly broken up. There were suggestions Chris had cheated on Madi.

New photos have emerged of the two reportedly staying with each other, which led to rumors re-igniting about the two being back together.

However, Madi has posted a statement clearing the air, saying she’s “not talking to anyone.”

“Chris and I are not back together. We are strictly friends, and no he is not staying at my house. It’s really frustrating when everyone constantly assumes they know everything about what goes on in my life,” she said on an Instagram story.

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It comes after photos of Chris staying at Madi’s and using her bathroom did the rounds on the internet on November 21. Madi even played into the joke, asking Chris to clean her bathroom on TikTok.

Madi’s statement has definitely put a dash to the rumors many fans were hoping could be true. They aren’t back together, although it looks like their earlier split was amicable enough to remain friends.

Time can only tell if they do rekindle the flame though. While Madi and Chris are busy pursuing other projects for now, their paths could align once again, and that’ll really get their fans excited.

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