Anthony Fantano roasts “I’m An Island Boy” as one of 2021’s worst songs

YouTuber The Needle Drop Anthony Fantano next to TikTok singers The Island BoysYouTube: The Needle Drop / Big Bag Ent

The internet’s biggest music nerd The Needle Drop named the Island Boys as having one of the worst songs of 2021. YouTube critic Anthony Fantano roasted Flyysoulja’s single ‘I’m An Island Boy’ as “sounding like s**t.”

With the rise of TikTok’s explosion in popularity in 2020, the site has become a cultural hotbed for some of the year’s biggest trends and viral moments. One of the breakout stars to invade the platform are musical twins Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd, better known as the Island Boys.

One person not a big fan of the duo, however, is YouTube’s biggest music critic The Needle Drop. In his “Worst Songs of 2021” video, Fantano called out the brothers’ single ‘I’m An Island Boy’ for its production and called it “unlistenable.”

YouTuber critic The Needle Drop reviewing The Island Boys singleYouTube: The Needle Drop
The YouTube music critic named The Island Boys’ single as one of the worst of 2021.

The Island Boys roasted by The Needle Drop

The TikTok duo’s single was named the fourth worst song to come out in 2021 in The Needle Drop’s annual year in review list. According to the popular music critic, The Island Boys’ first properly recorded commercial song was a major misstep.

“The mastering, the distortion, and the compression on this track is S**T! It sounds like white noise. It’s totally awful and unlistenable. Whoever produced this track and finalized it REALLY f**ked the f**k up. They must have gotten paid nothing,” the YouTuber said before breaking into laughter.

Fantano then criticized the track further and added, “It just sounds like s**t. It has that I’M AN ISLAND BOYUH! that we’ve heard in so many viral videos and remixes of them. This makes up the melody and the lyrics of the song. But hearing it with a beat doesn’t make it any easier to listen to or stomach.”

(Topic is at 11:26)

The Needle Drop also roasted the TikTok duo as a “really bad cringey meme” but said that he believed the brothers were self-aware enough of their cringe and are just trying to take advantage of their popularity while they can.

The musical critic concluded his rant by exclaiming, “I highly doubt they will be able to offload their gimmick to any other venture in the future. But hey, they’re gonna try!” Fantano then sarcastically said he was looking forward to their DJ Khaled-produced album in 2022.

Just four days earlier, the twins got into a heated argument while guests on the Impaulsive podcast. The TikTok stars stormed off the set and exited their conversation with Logan Paul. With YouTube’s biggest music critic now hating their single, the Island Boys have had a rough week, to say the least.