AnEsonGib claps back at Tayler Holder as boxing feud continues

Georgina Smith
Tayler Holder next to AnEsonGib

YouTuber AnEsonib has responded after TikToker and former boxing rival Tayler Holder called him a “trash fighter.” 

On June 12, several hugely popular YouTubers and TikTokers battled it out in the Battle of the Platforms boxing event, and the highly anticipated night had plenty of dramatic moments and controversies that had it trending widely across social media.

Tayler Holder and AnEsonGib’s fight was initially declared a draw, though after a huge amount of backlash against the decision, the verdict was ultimately changed to deem AnEsonGib the winner, a change that Holder rejected.

Although it has been months since the fight, people still don’t seem to have forgotten what happened, and after Tayler uploaded some training footage to TikTok, people started roasting him in the comments, claiming Gib is a better fighter.

The TikToker responded: “He’s really not,” he wrote. “He’s a trash fighter, he just has the experience over me of being under the lights and pressure. It was my first time.”

He later went on to further write on Twitter: “Of course Gib still has my name in his mouth cause I made him the most relevant he’s ever been in his career. Run me a contract and my money or stfu cause you are wasting my time.”

However, Gib had a simple but effective comeback to the influencer’s comments. “You lost & didn’t get paid,” he wrote, in a tweet that now has almost 70,000 likes.

Following the end of the event, many fighters claimed they had yet to be paid for their participation, leading to an ongoing legal battle between Austin McBroom and streaming host LiveXLive. Tayler has even filed a lawsuit against McBroom following the controversy.