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‘Miami cat’ goes viral on TikTok after football fans save it from massive fall

Published: 12/Sep/2021 15:51

by Georgina Smith


Videos of a cat being saved by football fans after it fell from a huge height at the Miami Hard Rock Stadium are going viral on TikTok and Twitter.

Everyone loves a story of an animal being saved, and videos of adorable furry friends often go viral on both Twitter, TikTok, and beyond.

That has definitely been the case for a cat being dubbed by some as the ‘Miami cat,’ who is going viral across social media thanks to a rather dramatic fall.

In multiple videos being posted across social media, the cat can be seen clinging to one of the higher levels of Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium at a college football game. It hung on desperately as some of the spectators above tried to grab it and pull it to safety, but no one was able to reach it.


As the cat tried not to fall, football fans below started moving to hold up a flag beneath it in the hopes they’d be able to catch it.

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@dylan_marinovCats have 9 lives I guess ##fyp ##foryou ##college ##football ##miami ##miamicat♬ original sound – Dylan Marinov

Screams are heard from around the stadium as the feline finally let go, plunging off the upper level and falling a very long way.

Thankfully, the flag plan actually worked, as the cat can be seen falling into the arms of the people waiting below.

Fans waited with bated breath to see if the cat was fine, until eventually, one man held the cat up in front of the crowd so everyone could see it was okay, with the stadium erupting into cheers.


At the end of his TikTok that now has over 700,000 likes, Dylan Marinov zoomed in on a woman holding the cat to confirm to his viewers that the animal was safe and sound.

It’s not actually clear whose cat it was and why it was in the stadium, but people are just relieved that it’s okay, as videos of the bizarre event continue to spread across social media.