Andrew Tate wants to fight KSI and True Geordie on the same night

Virginia Glaze
andrew tate wants to fight ksi and true geordie in one night

Controversial online figure Andrew Tate claims he could take on YouTube boxer KSI and podcast host True Geordie in the same night after both influencers criticized him.

YouTube star KSI made influencer-boxing history by fighting two opponents in one night.

After defeating British rapper ‘Swarmz’ and Mexican pro boxer Luis Pineda on August 26, the internet star had a pointed callout for an inflammatory social media personality: Former kickboxer Andrew Tate.

“Andrew Tate! I want a piece of that,” KSI shouted while standing victorious in the ring — and it looks like Andrew Tate is up for the challenge.

During a recent podcast episode, Tate spoke on KSI’s callout, as well as comments made by podcast host True Geordie.

Andrew Tate wants to fight KSI & True Geordie

Two weeks prior, Geordie had boasted that he would “absolutely” punch Tate in the face if the opportunity presented itself (but was decidedly uninterested in training for a boxing match).

“I f**king dare you to try, fatso!” Tate hit back at Geordie’s comment. “I dare you, fatty! You fat f**k, I dare you to even try it. You wouldn’t do s**t. You wouldn’t do a thing.”

“Here’s another message: I will fight KSI and True Geordie in the same night. Make that for a YouTube boxing show. I will beat both of them. Sorry True Geordie, you’re gonna have to take some time off sucking things and go for a run.”

However, it’s unclear if KSI will actually end up taking the fight after this latest callout, as the YouTuber’s friend and business partner, Logan Paul, urged him against the idea.

According to Logan, it’d be more “dangerous” to give Tate a platform, arguing the cons vastly outweigh the pros of slamming the former kickboxer to the canvas.

Logan Paul Andrew Tateandrew tate
Logan Paul urged KSI against taking a fight with Andrew Tate.

For now, an influencer boxing match with Tate on the title card is up in the air… but it’s clear that he’s willing to take the leap, especially as he’s called out Jake Paul multiple times in the past.