True Geordie says he would “absolutely” punch Andrew Tate in the face

David Purcell
true geordie says he would punch andrew tate in the face

British YouTuber and podcast host True Geordie called out controversial internet celeb Andrew Tate, saying he’d “absolutely” punch the former kickboxer in the face, if circumstances allowed.

Andrew Tate has become an inflammatory online figure over the past few months.

A former kickboxer, Tate has since transitioned to focus on marketing his own financial and lifestyle coaching online academy, ‘Hustler’s University,’ as well as growing his internet presence.

Several of Tate’s comments have gone viral on social media, with many critics finding his views offensive and misogynistic.

Tate has also been involved in the influencer-boxing space as of late, with Jake and Logan Paul both entertaining the idea of a bout with the former kickboxing champ.

Andrew Tate in an interview
Andrew Tate is a former kickboxing champ and a controversial online figure.

True Geordie sparks Andrew Tate fight rumors

The Paul brothers aren’t the only major online figures who’d be happy to take a jab at Tate; podcast host True Geordie is also down to sock it to him, but not if it means going to training camp for an official boxing match.

Geordie shared his opinion on Tate during a recent episode of comedian Andrew Schulz’s FLAGRANT podcast when he was asked if he’d ever box the influencer.

“He’s been chasing fame for years,” Geordie began. “People don’t realize, this guy is the most desperate, fame-hungry person. …the way this guy talks about women is, as we all know, a f**king joke.”

“I feel sorry for him if I’m being honest with you,” he continued. “All that money, and he’s clearly miserable. There’s so much anger there. Where’s that coming from?”

“Would you box him?” co-host Akaash Singh asked.

“If he came up to me in my face, I would absolutely punch him in the face,” Geordie answered. “But am I gonna make effort to go running every morning? No. He’s not worth that. We can do it right here, right now, but I’m not getting in the ring and making the effort.”

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Although it doesn’t look like a celebrity boxing match will ever happen between these two creators, fans are convinced that Jake Paul is gearing up to take on Tate after his boxing manager was seen posing with the mogul in a photo.