Andrew Tate taken from custody for medical reason but denies being “rushed to hospital”

Calum Patterson
andrew tate fears being killed after arrest

A spokesperson for Andrew Tate has responded to claims that he was “rushed” to hospital on March 10, confirming that the under-investigation influencer was simply attending a routine medical checkup.

In February, a spokesperson for the Tate brothers confirmed that Andrew’s health condition was “something serious that existed before the arrest.” The brothers were initially arrested on December 29.

His manager stated on social media that Andrew Tate was suffering from lung cancer, but Tate himself, through a Twitter post, denied that he had lung cancer.

With the confusion around Andrew Tate’s medical status, reports spread in Romanian news on Friday, March 10, that he had been taken from custody and rushed to hospital.

Andrew Tate was not “rushed” to hospital

A matter of hours after these reports, a spokesperson for Andrew addressed the hospital visit to Romanian press.

“I know that there were rumors today that Andrew was rushed to the hospital,” the spokesperson for the Tate brothers said. “I deny these rumors. Andrew has regularly scheduled medical check-ups, even before he was arrested, appointments that he honors from now on in Romania at a private hospital because of the custodial measure.

“His state of health is very good and there is no cause for concern,” the statement concluded.

Andrew Tate Jake Paul
Andrew Tate has denied that he has lung cancer.

When the reports of him having lung cancer became prominent, Tate tweeted “I don’t have cancer. My lungs contain exactly 0 damage from smoking. In fact, I have a lung capacity of 8 liters and the vital signs of an Olympic athlete.”

Medical records belonging to Andrew Tate were also published by Romanian media, but their veracity remains unconfirmed.

Andrew and Tristan Tate remain in custody, as part of an investigation into human trafficking and organized crime. No charges have yet been filed.

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