Does Andrew Tate have lung cancer? Tate claims lungs contain “0 smoking damage”

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Medical documents surfaced online that claimed Andrew Tate is suffering from lung cancer. Now, his manager is speaking out about the rumored prognosis.

Controversial internet commentator Andrew Tate is currently being detained by Romanian authorities on charges of human trafficking, rape, and organized crime.

The former kickboxer launched into the limelight last year and received ample criticism for his views on women. Now, he sits in prison amid an ongoing investigation into the charges against him.

Despite pleading for release, Tate’s request was recently denied for a fourth time — and a recent health diagnosis is only adding further fuel to the fire.

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Medical documents claim Tate has lesion on lung

In March 2023, medical documents surfaced online stating that a lesion had been spotted on the “right upper” portion of one of his lungs. Tate reportedly traveled to Dubai to receive medical care, where these findings were collected.

The documents also included a letter from Tate’s GP at the UAE’s King’s College Hospital, who pleaded for Tate to return to the country in order to receive treatment.

andrew tate interviewYouTube: The Admad Mahmood Show
Medical documents surfaced online stating that controversial internet personality Andrew Tate had a lesion on the “right upper” portion of one of his lungs.

“It is my professional medical recommendation that Andrew is urgently repatriated to the United Arab Emirates to undergo these medical investigations without delay,” the letter reads. “Time is of the essence and any further delay in the above investigations may have a serious negative implication for Andrew’s physical health.”

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The leaked documents quickly sparked an avalanche of theories online, with some believing them to be fake while others suggested Tate may be using the diagnosis to escape Romanian law enforcement.

Andrew Tate’s manager seemingly confirms lung cancer diagnosis

On March 3, Tate’s manager spoke out regarding the lung cancer rumors, claiming that the diagnosis was, indeed, true.

“Okay a lot of people are asking me if [the] Tate lung cancer story is true,” he wrote in a post via his Instagram stories. “Yes, it’s true. I was the one driving him to and from the hospitals in Dubai. I don’t have any more specifics to share.”

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Medical records claim Andrew Tate’s tumor is benign

According to the leaked medical report, Andrew Tate was taken to the hospital twice in December of 2022 for a chest x-ray and CT scan. He was scheduled for further medical examinations in January, but his arrest halted the investigation.

But as reported in January, Andrew Tate was taken from jail to the hospital, where a biopsy was performed. The leaked medical reports detail the outcome of the biopsy, including a tumor that was found on Tate’s lung.

According to the report, Andrew Tate’s lung tumor is benign – not cancerous – but could still cause severe health issues. Tate’s manager posted a screenshot of the results to his Instagram story stating, “Tate actually did have the biopsy that Dubai specialists recommended. Report says tumor is benign.”

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andrew tate manager tumor response

Andrew Tate addresses lung cancer claims on Twitter

A day after Andrew Tate’s medical records were leaked, his Twitter profile posted a response to the news.

“I do not have cancer.” the tweet read, “My lungs contain precisely 0 smoking damage.” This was followed by various unsubstantiated claims, such as having an 8L lung capacity, that the scar was from an “old battle,” and that he’s estimated to live 5,000 more years.

He also referenced the Tales of Wudan, a fantasy memoir recounting a fictional past life in which Andrew Tate lived for 5,000 years atop the Wudan Mountain in ancient China. He implies that the lesion mentioned in the reports was an injury received during his time living in Wudan.

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This is just the latest news to come from Tate’s arrest following claims from his lawyer arguing that the commentator was merely “playing a character” in his online content.