Andrew Tate reportedly taken to hospital for medical issue two days before court hearing

Andrew Tate final videoVimeo: FreeTopG

Andrew Tate has reportedly been hospitalized due to a medical issue while in Romanian custody, leading Tate to claim that “the Matrix has attacked me.”

Andrew Tate has been the subject of a great deal of controversy for the past several months, leading up to him being one of the most talked-about figures on the internet.

Things came to a head when he got arrested by the Romanian authorities, being detained for 30 days while under investigation.

While in their custody, Andrew Tate had reportedly been taken to the hospital due to developing a lung nodule. He’s taken to social media and claimed that “the Matrix has attacked me.”

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Andrew Tate hospitalized for medical issue while in custody

For those unfamiliar, a lung nodule is a growth in the lungs that, while usually benign and generally harmless, can be cancerous. Tate asked to see a doctor in order to investigate this nodule and request a biopsy to ensure it wasn’t a cancerous growth.

This has landed him in the hospital to have the issue properly investigated by a medical professional. However, he’s made a tweet related to the issue that’s a bit vague on what the issue actually is, along with a report that only reveals he’s in the hospital.

His tweet claims that “the Matrix has attacked me” and that he’s “hard to kill” alongside reports that he’s in the hospital. Tate fans have replied to the news with pictures of Neo getting detained in the Matrix movies.

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Tate’s trial is coming up soon, and it’ll determine whether or not the investigation can be conducted with him being a free man or if he’ll need to be detained by the authorities for a more extended period of time.