Andrew Tate responds to South Park mocking him in recent episode

Michael Gwilliam
andrew tate on south park

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate issued a response to a recent South Park episode that mocked him and his positions on the topic of masculinity.

South Park is known for its parodying of celebrities, both mainstream and internet ones with Andrew Tate being no exception.

A recent episode had Stan’s dad, Randy, meet a man named Alonzo Fineski, who looked and behaved similarly to Tate, to “combat the messages that the liberal left is putting out to young men.”

“I’m trying to show my son and his nerdy little friend what a real party is because society wants them to be ashamed of their masculine natures,” Randy explained, resulting in the Tate stand-in agreeing to call some friends.

Andrew Tate wants to make the “greatest South Park episode” ever

At the time, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristian were still in custody over suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group, but the duo still got wind of the parody through social media.

In response to the clip, Tate claimed that he wants to work with South Park once he’s “proven innocent.”

“I look forward to help create the greatest South Park episode of all time,” he said.

Although it’s not clear if this means going on the show himself or letting his perceived innocence be a topic in the show organically, this isn’t the first time Tate has referenced pop culture.

Previously, the influencer said he wanted to create a Judge Judy-style relationship show where couples would come to him with their problems and he would make on ruling about who is in the right.

Whether or not Tate will ever get the chance to be on South Park or follow through with his planned TV shows, however, he has since been released on house arrest.

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