Andrew Tate dances with anime waifus in outrageous new Twitter posts

andrew tate dancing with anime girlTwitter/Cobratate

Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate left fans baffled after he posted several videos and photos posting with anime girls.

Is Andrew Tate a weeb after all? For a few days straight, the kickboxer-turned-influencer has posted content featuring anime girls photoshopped beside him while posing next to vehicles.

The bizarre posts began on May 17, when Tate uploaded a photo to Twitter showing him standing next to an anime character with the caption “GM.”

Tate followed this up with a similar post on May 18, and then a full video featuring him and brother Tristian dancing with an anime girl in their office – and fans were absolutely baffled by the clip.

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Andrew Tate baffles internet with anime girl dance

Shortly after posting on Twitter, fans began demanding answers to the absurd anime content.

“Why is there an anime girl there?” another confused user asked.

Others, meanwhile, posted old tweets by Tate where he slammed anime and claimed that no woman would want to associate with adults who watch those shows.

“If you are over 15 and still like cartoons, you are a loser. Anime, Dragon Ball Z, etc. No excuse. Plus ANY woman loses respect for you. Grow up,” he said back in September of 2022.

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It’s not clear if Tate has changed his tune or if he’s merely being ironic with the anime content, but it’s certainly quite a shift for the controversial influencer who was arrested in Romania as part of an investigation into human trafficking, rape, and organized crime.

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