Andrew Tate wants to start a Judge Judy-style relationship counseling show

andrew tate and judge judyYouTube/PBD Podcast/Judge Judy

Infamous influencer Andrew Tate says he wants to start a relationship counseling show with a Judge Judy-like twist once he’s out of custody.

Andrew Tate has revealed some big plans for when he’s out of custody after being arrested in Romania in December 2022 as part of a human trafficking investigation.

Since being detained, Tate has claimed to be fearful for his life and a judge has since extended his detainment by another 30 days earlier in February, making it the third time his detention was extended.

Despite Tate staying in what he described as a cockroach-infested cell, the influencer or someone from his team has been tweeting from his Twitter account and on February 23, the former kickboxer revealed plans for a new TV show.

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AndrewTateInstagramInstagram: itsandrewtatee
Andrew Tate wants to start a Judge Judy-style show.

Andrew Tate teases Judge Judy-like show

In a post, Tate revealed he was considering starting a relationship program where ultimately he would side with one person after they present their situation to him.

Tate explained that the show would be similar to Judge Judith Sheindlin’s court TV programs ‘Judge Judy’ and ‘Judy Justice.’

“I am considering starting a relationship counseling show, very similar to Judge Judy. A man and a woman will come to me to present their arguments and I will decide who was right and who was wrong,” he said.

The controversial influencer went on to add that the show, if it happens, would air exclusively on Rumble – a “free speech” video platform that allows his content to be hosted.

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So far, nearly 200,000 people have replied to a poll asking if they’d want the show with over 80% saying they would tune in.

Whether or not Tate fans could actually get their girlfriends to appear on the program, however, remains to be seen.