Andrew Tate’s lawyer admits the influencer is ‘playing a character’ online

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Andrew Tate’s lawyer has gone on record admitting that the influencer is ‘playing a character’ to his fans online.

Andrew Tate has continued to be in the headlines since his arrest in December 2022 after Romanian authorities raided the house of Andrew, his brother, and two others.

In the weeks since the arrest, social media users began flaming the controversial influencer’s music career, Adin Ross shaved his head to look like Tate, and he’s even tweeted about being able to fly.

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On March 2, 2023, Tate’s lawyer went on record admitting that his online persona is just a “character” that he plays online.

Andrew Tate on broadcast in his 'final message' before being detained by Romanian authorities.Vimeo: FreeTopG

Andrew Tate’s lawyer admits influencer is playing character

According to a report from itv, Tate’s lawyer Tina Glandian was asked during a Times Radio interview whether or not Andrew plays a “character” online.

“Yes and it’s not even just in my view. There are certainly interviews I’ve seen where Andrew himself has said ‘You know I say a lot of things, it’s satire’,” she said.

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“I’ve heard a lot of silly things. I’ve heard him talk about whether eggs are real or the fact that he’s existed for 5,000 years because you know there’s a ninja warrior inside of him.

“There are lots of things I think he says as entertainment. It’s his public persona and those things are not all intended to be taken seriously.”

Glandian was also asked about the allegations that Andrew faces in Romania and doubled down on there not being any evidence of human trafficking.

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One of Tate’s other lawyers, Eugen Vidineac, was the first to mention this on January 9, 2023 — just days after the group was arrested.

We’ll have to wait to see whether or not Andrew Tate and the rest of the group get formally charged with anything before the group’s current release date of March 29.

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