Andrew Tate roasted for saying he’d destroy a wolf in “mortal kombat”

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Controversial influencer Andrew Tate is being mocked on social media for claiming he could defeat a wolf in “mortal kombat.”

Andrew Tate is just getting over being in jail for three months after being placed on house arrest and he’s already picking fights with animals.

Tate has been one of the internet’s biggest rising stars for quite some time now. However, it hasn’t come without its fair share of drama, with many of his views getting called out for being sexist or misogynistic despite his admission that he’s playing a character.

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The former kickboxer did himself no favors on April 17 when he uploaded a video with his “pet wolf” and then claimed that he would have no issue fighting the animal if it came to it.

Andrew Tate claims he could beat a wolf in a fight

In a tweet, Tate posted footage of his pet, claiming that he hadn’t seen it in six months because he had been in Dubai and then jail.

“Heard he’s acting up. Let’s see how brave he is around the top G. A little love and I’m sure he will be fine,” Tate captioned the clip.

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Following this, the Rumble star remarked that, “In mortal kombat, I would destroy a singular wolf. Decimation.”

“I am one of the most powerful humans on the planet. And he knows it,” Tate added. “That’s why he loves me. Respect and love go hand in hand.”

Not surprisingly, Tate was almost immediately mocked for his comment. It’s also not clear if he meant Combat with a C instead of Kombat with a K, as the latter suggests he would beat a wolf at the classic fighting game.

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“The fact you even think about this is so weird,” someone dissed.

“How I start talking after about 3 beers,” another joked.

This is hardly the first time Tate’s social media comments have been roasted. Back in February, the influencer was blasted after he tweeted about being able to fly – something that he’s yet to prove he can actually do.

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