Andrew Tate pleads with Elon Musk not to delete dead father’s Twitter account

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Andrew Tate pleads with elon musk not to delete dead fathers twitter account

Andrew Tate is pleading with Elon Musk not to delete the Twitter account of his deceased father after the site’s CEO announced plans to purge inactive accounts.

Controversial online commentator Andrew Tate is now under house arrest following months of detainment in a Romanian prison on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and organized criminal activity.

Throughout the duration of his imprisonment, Tate has been quite active on Twitter — and now that he’s back home, he’s using the social platform more than ever.

Tate is known for the occasional off-the-wall post now and again, one of his most recent claiming he could go toe-to-paw with a wolf in a bout of “mortal kombat.”

Andrew Tate begs Elon Musk not to delete one specific Twitter account

Now, he’s begging Elon Musk not to get rid of a Twitter account that means a lot to him.

On May 8, Musk announced plans to purge the site of inactive Twitter accounts, warning users that they might see some severely deflated follower counts across the platform.

“We’re purging accounts that have had no activity at all for several years, so you will probably see follower count drop.”

Although many rejoiced at this change, happy that bot accounts will finally be getting the boot, others were not as happy about it.

Most notably, Tate raised a pertinent point. The former kickboxer reached out to Musk with a very specific request, asking that he not get rid of the account of his dead father.

“Very good idea,” he replied to Musk’s post announcing the change. “But my father died and I still read his account daily. Please keep him active.”

Tate’s request has raised concerns for other users who hope to keep a deceased loved one’s account up and running, especially if they don’t have access to it.

For now, it’s unclear exactly what Musk’s new development will entail, although he did confirm that more usernames will likely become available as a result.

For now, fans are urging Tate to get access to his dad’s account and get it verified so it won’t be lost in Musk’s planned inactivity purge.

This is just the latest news to come out of Twitter after a glitch on the site let users get a verified checkmark… with a catch.

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