Elon Musk vows to bring “full force of law” upon Twitter/X spambot accounts

Dylan Horetski
elon musk reveals X streaming plan

Elon Musk has just revealed that Twitter/X is going to bring the “full force of the law” against those behind the platform’s spambot accounts.

Since Elon Musk purchased Twitter back in 2022, the platform has continued its battle against spam bots that reply to viral tweets and DM various users across the world.

Changing the way verification works on the platform was one way that the company has tried to battle them, and on April 4, 2024, Musk announced that they’re doing another purge.

Revealed in a tweet, Twitter/X is purging known bot accounts and Musk says the company is going after those behind the accounts.

“System purge of bots & trolls underway. Please reply to me or @XEng if legitimate accounts are suspended,” he said.

“X Corp will be tracing the people responsible and bringing the full force of the law to bear upon them.”

It’s unknown how quick the purge of bots and trolls will take, as well as how many accounts will be hit in the process.

Regardless, users have flooded the replies with hype around the news — with many tired of having bots reply to all of their tweets.