Bizzare Twitter glitch lets users get free verified checkmarks with a catch

Theo Burman

Twitter accounts that were previously legacy verified are able to regain their blue check marks by making changes to their profile’s biography.

After the purge of legacy verified accounts that Elon imposed on 4/20, the only way to get Twitter’s iconic blue tick on your profile was to pay for Twitter Blue, the site’s premium service that gives your tweets priority on the For You tab and in replies.

But now, Twitter users have found an easy loophole to regain their blue tick at the push of a button, and it doesn’t even require them to pay.

How to get your verified account back on Twitter

Several users discovered that making changes to their bio resulted in the blue checkmark returning to their profile instantly, with the check saying that they were a legacy verified account rather than being subscribed to Twitter Blue.

However, the check is only visible to the user making the change, not other people on Twitter, and it can only be seen on the platform you changed it on.

This only works for accounts that were verified before Elon introduced the checkmark as part of Twitter Blue, so only legacy verified accounts can regain the tick.

Originally, users thought you had to put the phrase “blue check” in the bio in order to regain verified status. However, it only requires a small change to activate. It even works with punctuation, so all you need to do is add a full stop to regain the checkmark.

Elon Musk has previously complained about the stability of Twitter’s code when he took over, but this latest error might be the weirdest one yet.

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