Amouranth slams Twitch staff over ban policy: “They don’t even communicate!”

Amouranth posing in Twitter pictureTwitter/Amouranth

Popular streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa explained why she hates Twitch’s ban policy and accused the platform’s staff of failing to communicate with each other on suspensions.

Amouranth is the most-watched female streamer in the world and is miles ahead of her competitors, but that hasn’t stopped her from criticizing Twitch.

In her time on the platform, the hot tub streamer has been banned several times – and while some reasons for her suspensions were obvious, some were not, and thanks to Twitch’s policies, she had no way of knowing.

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During an interview with Full Squad Gaming, Siragusa hit out at Twitch staff for not talking with each other and making the experience quite difficult for her, as well as other streamers.

Amouranth blasts Twitch’s ban policies

When asked about Twitch and her own controversial moments on the site that resulted in bans, Amouranth didn’t mince words and called out the platform’s lack of communication.

“I hate their ban policy,” she firmly said. “There seems to be a disconnect on Twitch. Their Trust and Safety team doesn’t even communicate with the rest of Twitch staff.”

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According to Amouranth, the Trust and Safety team responsible for suspensions refuses to communicate with Partner Managers about what streamers did wrong and what they were banned for.

“If you have a Partner Manager, a lot of the time they can’t tell you what you did. They’re just like ‘Yeah, you got this violation in a generic category,’” she continued.

Siragusa said that even Partner Managers have no idea what streamers were suspended for and offer little help only because they’re not given any information from Trust and Safety to begin with.

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amouranth discusses twitch exclusivityInstagram/Amouranth
Amouranth has been banned quite a few times on Twitch.

“You don’t even know what to avoid! That’s really annoying. They’ll just ban you and not tell you why,” Amouranth blasted.

Whether or not Twitch takes Amouranth’s comments to heart and implements changes remains to be seen, but she’s far from the first streamer to call out the platform for failing to communicate.

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