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Small Twitch streamer begs for answers after mysterious ban with no reason

Published: 25/May/2021 16:51

by James Busby


Twitch has banned a small streamer without any reasoning, leaving them to question what they did wrong and how they can go about fixing the issue. 

Being a content creator is tough at the best of times, but it’s especially tricky for those that have a smaller following. It can be a thankless job and one that requires a lot of work to get noticed, which makes getting banned particularly scary. While Twitch is known to remove content creators for breaking its ToS, there are times where certain streamers are seemingly banned out of the blue.

This is what appears to have happened to ChinnyXO – a small Twitch streamer who found that her channel had been completely removed. Before the ban, ChinnyXO had over 21,609+ followers and streamed regularly on the platform. However, it seems Twitch has yet to make a statement on why the streamer was even banned in the first place. 


ChinnyXO Lifeline cosplay
ChinnyXO is a small Twitch streamer with a dedicated following.

ChinnyXO originally found she had been banned May 20, with the content creator stating that she hadn’t been able to stream for 85 hours. However, it has now been a total of 7 days since she’s heard anything from the streaming giants. “I’m tired guys. I have spent 7 years on Twitch only to be overlooked, left out, underappreciated,” and ignored, said ChinnyXO. “It feels as if no matter what effort I put in on this platform, it will never be enough.”

This isn’t the first time Twitch has banned a streamer out of the blue – after all, WillNeff recently revealed his bizarre reason for getting banned from the platform. While account bans have been known to be lifted when falsely given out, they can be rather tricky to overturn, especially for smaller streamers who don’t have a large fan backing.


ChinnyXO took to Twitter to voice her frustrations. “I don’t know if someone is out to get me at Twitch HQ,” said the streamer. “Maybe you guys just don’t want me around…I’m not a big streamer who brings in a lot of traffic/income for y’all, but I’m at least owed an explanation on the status of my channel so I know what to do next.” 

Despite the influx of support and fan outcry, ChinnyXO has yet to hear from Twitch, and no official statement has been made. Whether the streamer will manage to get an answer from the platform remains to be seen, but it’s hoped that this ban can be overturned sometime in the near future.