Amouranth reveals the “craziest” investment opportunity she’s ever been pitched

Michael Gwilliam
amouranth in congo

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has been flaunting her massive investments on social media every chance she gets, but it seems like there was one opportunity so extreme that she has no choice but to turn it down.

Amouranth has become the top female streamer of any platform. Through her Twitch broadcasts and OnlyFans content, she’s managed to earn millions that she’s invested wisely.

From gas stations to plastic ball companies, Siragusa has built an empire and she isn’t stopping anytime soon. Amazingly, there may have been only one opportunity that was so crazy she refused.

On August 25, the hot tub streamer revealed what the craziest pitch she ever received was and why she decided it was too much, even for her.

amouranth keeps buying gas stations
Amouranth has made a fortune through Twitch and OnlyFans content.

Amouranth reveals she turned down wild Congo expedition

In a post on Twitter, Amouranth explained that someone had actually asked her to fund an expedition into the Republic of Congo in order to obtain and ascertain its gold.

“I didn’t know that was even a notable export from there,” she added.

Given Amouranth’s lack of knowledge about the pitched venture, it makes sense that she turned it down, but it also sounds like she was against the idea to begin with, remarking how it sounded like a reality show.

“A team of socially maladjusted mega streamers journey into the heart of darkness to secure the bag,” she joked.

Sadly, this expedition into the Congo won’t be the next Twitch show from Amouranth, but hopefully, the next wild offer she gets can be a true successor to her Streamer Royale program.