Amouranth reveals how much of Amazon/Twitch she actually owns

Carver Fisher

Amouranth has been no stranger to investing what she earns on-stream into other business ventures, but she’s revealed that she has almost 2 million dollars invested in Amazon, the company that owns Twitch.

Amouranth is one of the top streamers on Twitch, and, as such, she does pretty well for herself. Tens of thousands of subs on Twitch combined with her OnlyFans earnings mean this streamer takes home millions of dollars a year.

She’s been very open about how she invests her money, revealing that she’s invested her hard-earned cash into a wide variety of things, the weirdest of which is likely that she’s bought multiple gas stations.

It’s also been revealed that Amouranth has invested heavily in Amazon, the company that owns Twitch. While Twitch is a relatively small part of Amazon, it’s still worth mentioning and means that she’s investing in the very platform that brought her into the spotlight.

Amouranth invests millions in Amazon/Twitch

With Amazon being a company that has global reach and that’s worth billions of dollars, it’s a reasonably safe investment. They also own the internet’s largest streaming platform, Twitch.

Literal millions of streamers went live on Twitch in 2022, with Amouranth being within the top percentile of those streamers regarding viewership and overall popularity.

After years on the platform, Amouranth has chosen to invest in the platform itself, its future, and Amazon as a whole.

She revealed that she’d purchased 23,600 shares of Amazon stock, equal to roughly 2 million dollars.

In the grand scheme of things, 2 million dollars worth of shares in a company worth almost a trillion isn’t all that much. But still, she seems confident in her investment and decided to share her latest venture with her fanbase.