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Amouranth banned for third time on Twitch

Published: 11/May/2020 3:14 Updated: 11/May/2020 17:28

by Isaac McIntyre


Popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has been banned for a third time on the streaming platform, leaving question marks over whether her punishment will be more severe for her third strike.

UPDATE – May 11 at 12:30 PM

Amouranth has revealed that her ban will only last one day and she will be back to streaming on May 11. However, the Twitch star did not go on to provide additional info as to why she was banned.

Original story below:

The streaming personality boasts more than 1.5 million followers on her channel, which is mainly focused around her chatting to her fans. She also has thousands more who fork out premium prices to subscribe every month too.

At the time of writing, the reason for Amouranth’s third ban has not yet been confirmed. It is suspected, however, the reason is because Siragusa accidentally showed a fan’s Twitch profile picture, which contained inappropriate content.

This is the third time Amourant has found herself banned from Twitch. The 26-year-old’s first suspension came after she accidentally exposed herself on-camera. Earlier this year, the IRL streamer was blocked again after a gym stream.

Ironically, the suspension comes just days after Siragusa said “everything would be fine” to her fans regarding the exposed profile picture, which she noticed minutes after revealing it on-stream. She got in touch with Twitch soon after.

Amouranth explained she likely wouldn’t be banned: “Twitch said that if something pops up on your screen now, as long as you end the stream and delete the VOD, and delete the clips, then you’re fine. So it should be okay.”

Last time the 26-year-old was banned on Twitch ⁠— a suspension which lasted just 24 hours before her account was unlocked again ⁠— she lost more than 300,000 followers thanks to a glitch in the streaming site’s system.

Fans of the streamer will now have an anxious wait until either Siragusa or Twitch break their silence on her May 10 ban ⁠— the Amazon-owned site often hands out permanent suspensions following a streamer’s third consecutive strike.


Jake Paul and Ben Askren exchange heated texts ahead of fight

Published: 25/Feb/2021 4:08 Updated: 25/Feb/2021 4:29

by Andrew Amos


YouTuber Jake Paul and former UFC star Ben Askren are set to take to the boxing ring on April 17, but they’re already in a war of words ahead of the bout.

It’s no Conor McGregor, but Jake Paul is going big for his next boxing bout.

After taking down Nate Robinson with relative ease, the YouTube star turned hopeful boxer will take to the ring against Ben Askren on April 17.

However, in the lead up to the fight, the two have already thrown punches over text.

Ben Askren leaked DMs between the two on February 24, claiming “this next generation has some really bad role models.”


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A post shared by Ben Askren (@benaskren)

“Hey Jake seriously were you even trying against Ben [Darmstadt]? That was pathetic. Hope you try a little bit harder in our fight,” the former UFC fighter opened with in the exchange.

“Hiya bubba! So good to hear from you! I know Masvidal gave you brain damage so I’m guessing you meant to ask if I was even trying against Nate,” Paul replied.

“We’re going to get you through this fight nice and fast so you can retire after.”

Askren clarified that he was talking about Ben Darmstadt, before Jake Paul went on a tangent, asking his opponents if he’s ever taken drugs, saying he needs “help taking his edge off.”


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While Askren ignored most of Paul’s questions, he had the final jab ahead of the bout.

“You gave up here like you’re going to give up in our fight. You don’t have the heart. Please don’t back out of our fight.”

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren is locked in for April 17, and is set to be one of the biggest PPV fights in history.