Forsen finally unbanned on Twitch after two week suspension

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UPDATE May 22, 12:17PM PST: Forsen has now been unbanned on Twitch following his two week suspension, so you can probably expect him to return to your screens very soon.

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Popular streamer Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors has finally revealed the reason why Twitch banned him for a whopping two weeks.

News broke on May 8 that the Swede had been suspended on the platform, but no one had any idea why he had been banned, nor how long he would be gone for. However, many correctly believed it may have been due to his behavior while playing Riot’s new FPS Valorant.

Taking to Twitter on May 11, a full three days after being suspended, the streamer finally addressed the situation.

Blizzard Entertainment
Forsen was hit with a two week ban.

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“Banned for 2 weeks,” Forsen revealed. As for why, the former StarCraft pro claimed it was for calling players “ret**ded Russians” in Valorant.

Rather than accept the ban and move on, the streamer added that instead of calling his teammates “ret**ded Russians,” he should have called them “ret**ded people who cant participate in voice comms in Valorant due to legal reasons.”

Currently, Valorant does not let Russian players use voice communication in the game.

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“I guess I have some more time to beat up my half Russian siblings now. Nice,” he sarcastically concluded.

This is Forsen’s first ban since 2016, so for the most part, the Swede has managed to stay out of trouble up until this point.

Many fellow Twitch stars found the ban to be extremely harsh. IRL streamer Jake’N’Bake said it was “nuts,” while NymN called it “crazy” and urged the streamer to appeal the ban.

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Fans of Forsen seemed to agree. “If this is the full story, then totally unjustified,” user ‘aquanxck’ wrote.

“Should’ve flashed nipple instead, Forsen. That’s just a 1 day ban,” joked SoHyp3d, referencing Alinity’s controversially short ban back in April.

It’s unclear if Forsen will return to streaming right when his ban is up, but for the time being, the popular streamer will have some time to hone his Valorant skills without an audience.

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