Twitch streamer sets new world record for longest continuous broadcast

Joe Craven

A Welsh Twitch streamer known as ‘Reecesy’ has broken the world record for longest uninterrupted broadcast, beating the record set by ‘CallMeCypher’ back in April. 

Recent months have seen a number of Twitch streamers challenge one another for the longest uninterrupted stream ever. First came LosPollosTV, who set the record at the start of April, clocking in just shy of 200 hours of continuous streaming.

That record was beaten less than a month later, however, with CallMeCypher clocking in 200 hours, 18 minutes and 17 seconds of non-stop streaming. Nearly two weeks later, the record has been beaten once again, this time by a Welsh streamer.

CallMeCypher’s April 29 record has already been beaten.

‘Reecesy’ is a British streamer based in Wales who, at the time of writing, boasts just shy of 7,500 followers on Twitch. Despite his modest following, on May 3, he decided to take on the challenge of breaking CallMeCyppher’s record.

Over 200 hours later, on May 11, Reece announced he had broken the world record by over 12 minutes. His continuous broadcast lasted for 200:30:28. 

“I’ve officially beaten the WORLD RECORD for the longest uninterrupted stream,” he said, “[my] stream went down at 200:30:28. Insane 8 days of streaming, legit madness. Thank you all for watching. Truly so thankful to my incredible community. You are the best.”

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