Amazon Music Twitch account banned from the Amazon owned platform

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Amazon Music’s own Brazilian Twitch account has been banned from the platform and nobody knows why.

Every day we see streamers get banned on Twitch. Usually, it’ll be for breaking the platform’s lengthy terms of service, which all creators must abide by at all times when broadcasting.

While streamers typically try their best to stick to the rules, we’ve seen some of the platform’s top creators slip up every now and then.

Now, even the platform’s very own parent company, Amazon, has been banned, and fans are baffled as to why.

Twitch bans Amazon account from platform

According to StreamerBans, Amazon Music’s Brazillian channel received its first ban from the platform on February 11 — leaving Twitch fans absolutely puzzled.

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Adding to the confusion, the Amazon account was quickly unbanned after just 15 minutes.

The jokes of course came flooding in, with numerous Twitch users mocking the platform for banning one of their own accounts. “Friendly fire was turned on,” multiple fans joked.

“Tell me Twitch’s moderation is broken, without telling me Twitch’s moderation is broken,” one platform affiliate wrote.

It’s unclear why the account was actually banned in the first place. Although, one Twitch viewer speculated the ban was related to DMCA. “I have to assume the DMCA team didn’t realize its a whitelisted channel allowed to use music usually not allowed for all other users,” they said.

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As surprising and bizarre as the situation is, this isn’t the first time the Amazon-owned platform has suspended one of their own accounts. In late 2021, Twitch banned the official Spanish Amazon Prime Video channel.