Twitch bans official Amazon Prime Video account for most hilarious reason

amazon prime video twitchAmazon / Twitch

Twitch has handed a ban to the official Spanish Amazon Prime Video channel for breaking the company’s own Terms of Service.

Amazon having streaming channels on Twitch is nothing new. As the company that owns the popular streaming service, they try to take advantage of their acquisition back in 2014.

This can be seen with their primevideo Twitch channel that is known for broadcasting the NFL’s Thursday Night Football among other sports.

That being said, even a company-owned channel isn’t above Twitch’s Terms of Service.

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nfl on twitchTwitch
NFL games have been on Twitch since 2018

Twitch bans official Amazon Prime España channel

On December 19, Twitch banned the official Spanish Amazon Prime account during their “Esto es un late” show after one of the members of the broadcast broke one of Twitch’s Terms of Service rules. 

Amazon Prime Spain’s take on a late night show was nearing the end of their live stream until one of the hosts, Henar Alvarez, decided to take matters into her own hands to speed up the process. 

Twitch amazonprimees banTwitch: primevideoes
Henar Alvarez is one of the show’s hosts

“We’re going for the ban,” she said in Spanish as she was lifting her shirt. “Let’s go, they’ll ban us.” 

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While Alvarez was saying this, the show’s producers decided to cut her off by showing the ending titles for the stream before taking it back down. She went to perform the same act but that seemingly sealed it, forcing the stream to be ended with a “Thank You for watching” title appearing.

Twitch bans get handed every day, no matter the channel. No one is exempt from breaking the site’s Terms of Service, even an Amazon-owned account. 

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