Alinity opens up about past struggles before Twitch: “I nearly died”

Virginia Glaze
alinity blasts twitch fans for bans

Twitch streamer Alinity Divine is a popular online entertainer in her own right — but her path to social media stardom wasn’t always easy, with the broadcaster revealing details about her difficult past in a recent stream.

Alinity has become a subject of contention among many Twitch viewers, with critics accusing her of undermining the site’s community guidelines for not receiving bans (not to mention the viral cat-tossing incident from 2019).

After streaming star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins took shots at Alinity’s past in a highly-publicized feud in June, Alinity finally broke down, admitting that the hate had driven her to consider harmful actions.

Now, Alinity has opened up further about her private life before reaching Twitch fame, as told in a joint broadcast with fellow streamer Mizkif on August 5.

[Content Warning: The rest of this article discusses sensitive topics like eating disorders. Continue at your own risk.]

After Mizkif complimented Alinity’s mental fortitude, the streamer revealed that her life before the internet was no cakewalk, admitting that her father had been arrested due to involvement in Colombia’s drug cartels when she was a young child and that she had nearly died due to an eating disorder.

“I had to be pretty strong as a young human because I went through some stuff,” she began. “…my dad went to prison when I was like 9 because he was involved with the cartel in a way. My parents separated right after that, then I developed an eating disorder.”

“When I was 15, I nearly died, because I was like 23 kilos,” she continued. “I had to overcome that, which was super hard. Then, my mom got cancer, then I moved to Canada all by myself.”

Despite her rough past, Alinity feels like all of her hardships have helped shape her into the person she is today, allowing her to deal with such topics as massive internet hate in a healthy manner.

“It’s been a lot of things preparing me to the person I am right now, that I guess most people don’t have to learn how to deal with,” she added. “I feel like life prepared me for this moment, you know?”

Alinity poses with her two Samoyed pups.
Twitch star Alinity Divine has come under scrutiny multiple times in the past, with critics accusing her of mistreating her animals after tossing her cat over her head in a past broadcast and kissing the feline with a mouth full of vodka. The Saskatoon SPCA, however, found no behavior worthy of removing the pets from her home.

Alinity’s recent candid revelations have drawn sympathies from fans and critics, including Ninja, who redacted his Tweet after realizing all the hate she received in the past – a past that has not bee as easy as many assumed it to be.

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